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The outpatients clinic ‘fit’ is located inside the Marconi Centre in via Marconi, Faenza.
It is an interior design project on a quadrangular space of about 450 sqm.
The project takes the most of the external light from the two big walls and amplifies it, making it filter in from above, from below and through the walls.
The light slips around the rounded corners, invades the whole space and permeates the central area.
We have used transparent walls and panels of different heights that let the light enter from the ceiling and give a broader perception of the internal space, giving a sense of open space and unitarity.
A soft and homogeneous tone is predominant and it is wrapped by the light and changes with it.
The materials used are essential, textured, unsophisticated, domestic, without useless decorations … wood, concrete, rough plaster and glass used in a particular way give to people a sense of belonging and hospitality.
The location and the dimension of the spaces were set in order to confer the maximum functionality required. Five areas were identified: the waiting room/reception, the outpatients department, the water rehabilitation area (swimming-pool), the individual rehabilitation area (box), the rehabilitation area with equipment (gym). All these areas turn around a central pivot area: a wellness counter for an herbal tea break.